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Full time, Half Day Care 2.5-5 years

Discover the perfect balance with our full-time, half-day care program, offering enriching mornings filled with creativity, play and learning experiences, ensuring your child's development never misses a beat.

Full time Full Day Care 2.5-5 years

Experience peace of mind with our full-time, full-day care program, where children flourish in a nurturing environment filled with engaging activities, inclusive performing arts education, and opportunities for growth at every turn.

After School K-5

*For Qayqayt Elementary Only* Elevate your child's after-school experience with our engaging program tailored for grades K-5, where they'll find a perfect blend of fun, learning, and creativity, ensuring every afternoon is filled with entertainment and enrichment.

01 - 60 minutes once weekly

Dance Program

A full creative movement class awaits students looking to spread their wings and soar. With dancing games we introduce basic technique and vocabulary while enjoying movement stories and props like scarves, ribbons and blocks. Students will embody dancing animals, weather patterns and practice short rhythmic sequences all designed to help build the oh so important brain/body connection. After School students will work on and include choreography in their final musical presentations. Dance units around the different genres of dance are in the works and who knows? Maybe we have a young Fred Astaire or Gregory Hines in our group! Confidence and awareness of our body becomes confidence and awareness in our navigation of the world. The benefits of movement education are truly undeniable.

02 - 60 minutes once weekly

Theatre Program

This way to the stage! There is never a better time to experience the wonder and magic of storytelling than in our earliest years. Storytelling, make believe, dressing up, acting out (in both the good and not so good ways)...these are staples of childhood. Students will discover a new story experience by bringing to life well known characters and creatures, creating their own personas and taking wild imaginary adventures. Theatre games are NEVER dull and every child loves a laughter filled game of charades here and there. Each class will work with scripts and stories and throughout the year will present work that has been going on behind the red curtain. We will explore different cultures in our theatre education and enjoy guest speakers who will tell us more about their heritage. This class will support your child as they emerge from their shell or cocoon and into a confident flying turtle...wait...that’s not quite right...

03 - 60 minutes once weekly

Music Program

All children are inherently musical! That’s right! Even if parents think their child can’t carry a tune in a bucket (no matter how loudly they sing), musical discovery and exploration at these ages is almost as natural as breathing. This class will see students enjoying a variety of musical units from singing to basic instrument play and instrument education. We practice active listening (yes, it can be practiced!) with a variety of fun animal sounds and games, we explore musical stories with movement and we practice fundamental music skills like pitch matching and rhythm patterns. Our classroom has an orchestra's worth of early learning instruments like tonal desk bells, resonator bars, a steel drum, hand drums, egg shakers, rhythm sticks, triangle, bells, boomwhackers, recorders, ukuleles and who knows, maybe even a few we make ourselves! After school students will also have the chance to learn ukulele and recorder during the year!

04 - Daily

Visual Arts and Crafts

Paint and brushes ready?! Welcome to the place and space to share your inner world! Art classes will focus on numerous different mediums from craft supplies to paint to clay and more! Daily art activities are planned with special "big art" planned where students will work together to create collaborative pieces. This time will also be used to explore set design as they create props and set pieces for their twice annual presentations. Some art will be taken home daily and others will take a couple days or more to complete.

03 - 60 minutes once weekly

Circle Time - Preschool & Day Care

This is a time for our students to gather and connect with themselves, each other and their teacher before launching into their creative day. Circle time will see students enjoying a familiar welcome song, discussions about the days of the week, the weather and the seasons, a variety of story-telling activities, memory, beginner writing and active listening games. We will build our emotional vocabulary through game play and sharing. Students will be given special days for “show and tell”, a crucial activity for developing the confidence to speak in front of a group. After

04 - Daily

Outdoor Time

Running wild! Our students will enjoy unstructured outdoor time on a playground that has been developed with performing arts in mind. While our space is “boutique” we venture to include a small outdoor stage platform with a chalkboard background for students to perform on. Dramatic play areas where students can play “house”. We are also including a variety of outdoor equipment to build our body awareness, strength and confidence as well provide the muscle and load bearing joint work to help us feel calm and steady after a great play session. We recognize this outdoor time as an excellent opportunity to build social relationships, practice working freely in a group and conflict resolution under the watchful, though not intrusive, eye of a caring educator.

03 - 60 minutes once weekly

Free Play

If we can create an environment where children are given creative choices, there’s no telling what will be discovered. Many of our materials are open ended activities like tinker trays, building blocks and ready to use art easels and available art materials. Others include physical games to be played in groups like Twister, charade cards and dramatic play areas with simple costumes. This is where the rubber of childhood education and skill development meets the road of creativity. Educators will seek to find open ended, creative, daily activities that enhance a students general development including the use of pens, pencils and crayons, stickers for fine motor development, dough and clay activities to enhance dexterity. While free play is free, the room is carefully curated so that educators know there is “secret learning” happening.