British Columbia’s only Performing Arts Child Care!

At long last you’ve found the centre that will not only provide your child with the best of daily care, but also immerse them in full length music, dance and drama classes each week to instill the endless benefits of an early arts education in your child.

Imagine preparing your child to love learning most of all, to be curious about themselves, how they think, how they learn; to explore and view the world with an open, kind and empathetic heart. Imagine your child being able to raise their hand, speak confidently, play cooperatively and feel safe in who they are when they walk into elementary school on the first day. These are key to Kindergarten success.

Our play based performing arts curricula will see your little one experiencing childhood to the full extent. Playing, singing, dancing, moving, making friends, building, reading stories, drawing, painting and breathing fresh air.

Below you will find a request for more information. Please know that this is NOT a registration form. Do not leave any current child care you currently have. Filling in this form does NOT guarantee you a place in our day care.

We are so excited to share this new childcare format with you and even more excited to welcome our first generation of families to the BrightLights programs in the Fall of 2023.

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